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Remember, "Your Look Is You"


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Business Formal Attire

Business Formal Attire

Business-professional, aka business-formal, is typically worn in white-collar environments like law firms.

Wearing business-formal attire ensures you are always ready to meet a client or attend networking events.

Formal attire implies importance and remains a symbol of power. It’s also a well-known fact that clients are more likely to trust someone who is dressed professionally.

Similarly, people you want to network with will perceive you as a mutually beneficial alliance when you wear your “power suit.”


In the past, formal business suits only came in dark colors. However, through time, their color palette extended to include lighter colors.

So, besides the traditional navy, charcoal, or black suit, you can now choose medium grey, brown, or even a tan suit.

Keep in mind that business-formal suits consist of a matching suit jacket and pants. Sometimes, it includes a vest (optionally), making it a three-piece suit.


Another way to add a memorable touch to your business formal ensemble is to wear a vest under your jacket.

It may only be a shade lighter than your suit, or it may be a color that compliments your suit. For example, a houndstooth vest with a black or gray suit adds a fashionable dynamic to your outfit.


As for shoes, you can never go wrong with a black leather shoe with a rounded toe cap.


Narrow or new standard ties with a Windsor, half-Windsor, or Pratt knot are the most appropriate choices for this dress code. A pro tip is your pocket square, and your tie should never match too closely.

They can differ in patterns but have the same color palette. Or, your tie and pocket square can be different colors that complement each other.

A tie bar will help make your look distinctive, and it’ll keep your tie in place.


Klassy Casual Look Is A Stylistic Blank Cheque That You Can Cash It In However You Like.

Remember, "Your Look Is You"



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