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Semi-Formal Attire

Semi-Formal Attire

Semi-formal is a look in between business casual and formal attire. This attire is usually worn at events closer to the formal spectrum or at specific social events.

Cocktail parties, weddings, and after-work meetings are a few examples where semi-formal is applicable. This look is more “dressed up” than your casual work attire, though. In fact, semi-formal still means wearing a suit.


A light-colored suit with notched lapels creates a refined style even if you’re going for a nice day look. For night times and colder seasons, wear a wool suit, preferably navy or charcoal.

For office wear, keep the color palette of your outfits neutral. If you’re attending a semi-formal wedding, the suit colors you can go for are navy, grey, blue, or brown.

Dress Pants

The best choice will be matching suit pants that go along with your suit jacket. But there’s room for improvisation when it comes to this dress code.

Chinos, trousers, semi-formal dress slacks, or dark-colored jeans are also acceptable semi-formal wears. Match it with a neutral or more traditional color blazer.

You can even buy suit trousers with adjusters instead of using a belt. This will help you create a seamless look.

Dress Shirt

For the top, pair your trousers with a collared, button-up shirt or a button-down long-sleeve shirt.

Both a plain white collared shirt and a patterned shirt are perfect for semi-formal events.


There is one subtle fashion secret you need to know if you choose to focus on the details of your suit. Never match your pocket square and tie too closely.

Narrow or new standard ties are tied with a Windsor, half-Windsor, or Pratt knot. They are the most appropriate choices for a formal dress code.

Using the color wheel will help you accessorize your suit. The best-dressed man knows how to accessorize with confidence. Use complementary colors to assemble a cool outfit effortlessly.

Another trick is to have your tie and pocket square match in color but differs in the pattern. For example, pair a polka-dot tie with a paisley pocket square that has matching color palettes.


Shoe styles to wear with these looks include derby shoes, brogues, loafers, and oxfords.

Go for traditional black or brown.

However, you’re free to match the color of your shoes with the rest of the outfit according to your style.

You should also know how to match the shoe’s color with your suit. In addition, you’re still on the formal side, so try to avoid sneakers and tennis shoes

Final Words

Dress codes surround us daily. So find your personal suit style and enjoy the process of dressing for every occasion.

Because fashion is art with life. Dress for success and dream big!


Klassy Casual Look Is A Stylistic Blank Cheque That You Can Cash It In However You Like.

Remember, "Your Look Is You"



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