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Remember, "Your Look Is You"


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Black-tie Creative Attire

Black-tie Creative Attire

This type of black tie is sometimes themed. The most common one is a masquerade ball. Other themes include a western twist with a bolo tie and cowboy boots.

Or, there may be an under-the-sea theme if you are at a resort or cruise ship – remember to wear something blue.

Tuxedo / Suit

Unlike the standard black-tie attire, black-tie creative is more colorful. As a result, you can choose between a tuxedo and a suit and be more playful and less serious.

It’s an event to have fun with your formal wardrobe. Velvet suits have come back and are a fantastic way to show you’re a man of style.

Tuxedos now come in colors beyond midnight blue and black.

Grey, red, burgundy, and many shades of green, from basil to emerald, are superb choices that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Finally, a dark-colored or pinstriped suit is a sophisticated pattern and a good choice as your formal attire for the black-tie creative dress code.

Tuxedo Shirt / Dress Shirt

If you are adventurous and fashion-forward, you’ve probably picked on the tuxedo instead of a suit. That means that it’s almost necessary to pick a tuxedo shirt as well.

However, you can loosen the formality a little with the black-tie creative dress code. In that case, match your dark suit with a plain white dress shirt, and you’re good to go.

Bow Tie / Necktie

Whether you choose a bow tie or a necktie, follow the same fashion for shirts.

If you pick a tuxedo, it’s almost mandatory to put your hands on a nice black bow tie. On the other hand, if you choose a suit, a necktie is the best choice.

Just don’t get too adventurous with the tie. The dress code might be creative, but the tie still remains black.

Dress Shoes

Whether you’ve picked a suit or a tuxedo, black patent leather is the standard material choice. With this in mind, black oxfords are the safest shoe choice.

Remember, "Your Look Is You"


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