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I am proud to be the Brand Ambassador for KLASSYGents and THB. We at this label insist that your look is you and, we dare you to be you. Stand out, achieve and have fun looking and feeling great. Wearing this label shows confidence innate style and ahead of the trend #polkadotsforspring

Lu Lu✍🏽


September...As we head into Fall fashion takes a dramatic turn. The cool temps lead us to colors and textures tha add support to the mind body and our choices Here at KLASSY gents, we embrace this shift and encourage our followers to continue to be daring and cutting-edge and current. Be bold in your choices and take the risk that takes your look ie you to a higher plane a higher love always remember your look is you and no one will be a better you #pushtheenvelope

Lu Lu✍🏾


Basil Lucas

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