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About Us 

Klassy Gents merely denotes Class, Sophistication, and Elegance. Whether it is European, Asian, and American style, one thing we can all concur is that we are fashion-minded, savvy, let alone we possess singular and unique appreciations for Classy and Nonpareil trends. In fact, this affinity for Sophistication is the price that we paid to pursue this ultimate goal to make Klassy Gents, not only a Nonpareil Men's Fashion Clothing on providing luxurious fashion pieces people loved, yet can not be found anywhere in the City.


The Founder, Steeve Joseph, aka Veebi started this company to create and promote high quality, classic and designed-fashionable gentlemen's products that we are proud of today. Our auspicious goal is to offer Nonpareil and Singular styles and know how to look classy at your best (most of the time).  We offer a variety of suiting features, especially ranging from tailor-made, that are catered to your singular fit and style to designers, (semi-industrialized) and business suits for all occasions.    

It all began in 2004-2005 when Veebi started with merely selling online high designed haute couture, and well-priced women and men's clothes on his former website and clothing store, Back then, was unisex, but Veebi used to focus and involved more of his time in the ladies' platform than the men's. mostly focused on providing luxurious fashion pieces people loved, and couldn't be found anywhere in the City. In fact, he had no bare-bones nor any long-term plan. Without realizing it, he was about to embark on the greatest journey of his life. Veebi had been an adamant personal shopper for over two decades and used to partake on many locals,  city fashion-shows, and events to start getting his name in this fashion global industry. It was quite successful for until he decided to go on and double-majored in Linguistics and Nursing...

After this long hiatus from the fashion industry, Veebi successfully completed his academic pursuit in 2008 and 2012. And after working both as a nurse tech/ interpreter for quite a few years, he finally realized this is where he belongs. As Veebi always says, " Do what you want is Freedom, yet Do what you love doing is Happiness." Thus, he decided to follow his passion for Fashion and for the Good Life.




Mainly, our Mission Statement is to envisage and sympathize with people and prices we could relate to; better yet, our philosophy is not only to build a service that focuses on perfecting a consistent reliable offering but also to create an enterprise that enables Others to easily access their inner talents.




Our Goal 

Meet The Team


Natalie M-Joseph

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Natalie M-Joseph also known as Miss Natalie is a pivotal part of our culture. Miss Natalie Oversees All Of Our Marketing And Local Distributions.
Miss Natalie

Klassy Gents

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"When we imagined Klassy Gents it was a mere figment, now it is so amazing how we've learned to materialize our dreams and passions into something we are proud of."

Veebi, Founder at Klassy Gents


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"When we started Klassy Gents, I had no clue that our ultimate goal will be to create and promote high quality, classic and thoughtful designed-fashionable gentlemen's products that most gents will be proud of."


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