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Navy Light Blue Striped Necktie Set

Navy Light Blue Striped Necktie Set

Color: Navy Light Blue Striped
Size: Classic & Professional Type: 57"(145 cm) in length and 3.74"(9.5cm) in width.
Material: Highest Designer quality Silk & Polyester: finished with excellent interlinings. 

Packing:  Navy Light Blue Striped Necktie+Cufflinks+Handkerchief Set.
KlassyGents Thank You All,
  • Necktie Care

    *As a rule of thumb you should have three or four ties that go with each suit or formal outfit. Keep the ties hung with the suit they go with and rotate the ties through with each wearing of that outfit. Just drape them around the collar of the coat.

    *Each time you remove your tie, untie the knot by reversing the method used to tie the tie. Do not pull the small end of your tie through the knot. Do not leave the tie knotted, as it will permanently crease the fabric. After removing, hang the tie on a tie rack or drape them around the collar of the coat.

    *To remove wrinkles, usually it is enough to place the tie on its tie rack overnight. If that doesn’t work, rollup the tie, small end first and let it sit for a day. Finally, you may steam the tie (do not iron it).


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